Backstreet Boys - DNA CD



Backstreet Boys - DNA (1CD)

DNA is het tiende album van de Backstreet Boys, met liedjes geschreven door o.a. Shawn Mendes en Ryan Tedder. Ook Lauv (Charli XCX), Andy Grammer, Stuart Crichton (DNCE) en Mike Sabbath (J Balvin) schreven mee aan de songs.

De titel verwijst naar het DNA van de groep. Van alle leden van de Backstreet Boys zijn hun individuele eigenschappen, hun DNA, bepalend voor de dynamiek van de legendarische groep. “When this group started 26 years ago – and through all the highs and lows of our career – we’ve had to learn it wasn’t about us as individuals but about what’s best for the group,” zegt Howie D. “That’s what I love about this album,” voegt Kevin Richardson toe. “We were able to bring all of our influences and styles into one coherent piece of work. These songs are great representation of who we are as individuals and who we are as a group. It's our DNA. We’re really proud of that.”



1. Don't Go Breaking My Heart 
2. Nobody Else 
3. Breathe 
4. New Love 
5. Passionate 
6. Is It Just Me 
7. Chances 
8. No Place 
9. Chateau 
10. The Way It Was 
11. Just Like You Like It

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